for party autonomy, process & outcome fairness
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neutral advocate value

Whether negotiating:
  • new relationship, new complex statement of work,
  • resolution to a dispute
  • collaboration arrangement required in a collaborative contracting relationship
they will all involve tough conversations with much at stake. A neutral advocate role is to support the negotiation & the parties in their duty to deliver mutually acceptable agreements. 


The value of a neutral advocate is balance and focus. Bring balance to relationships and related communication:
  • duty to work toward balance - engaged in addressing power imbalances between specific teams working together
  • probing for the higher level questions
  • performing reality checks - keeping the frame real
  • ensuring structure for the conversation
  • providing alternative perspective when this has disappeared
Focus on effective problem solving with reduction of egos. Keeping the focus on: 
  • interest-based negotiation process
  • addressing conflict that block progress
  • mutually agreed norms and standards (via the specialists in each of these)
  • informed consent and evidence based decision making.
The resulting more effective collaboration will deliver enhanced solutions/value:
  • Lower contract costs, improved solutions, proof 1+1+1 can equal 5.