for party autonomy, process & outcome fairness
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neutral advocate role

role definition:

A neutral advocate is a 3rd party who is not a decision maker. The neutral facilitates conversations between two or more parties. The conversation is generally structured to:
  • understand current state, explore issues, brain-storm options,
  • And structure these into mutually acceptable agreements between the decision making parties.
A neutral will advocate for specific values. These could include neutral role, interest based negotiation process, norms and principles.

duty of role:

The neutral advocate role, as a mediator, has three duties:
  • Autonomy of decisions by each party;
  • Procedural fairness; and
  • Substantive fairness in outcome.
Advocacy is for:
  • Accomplishment of these three duties;
  • Decision quality through informed consent and evidence based decisions; and
  • Agreed norms, principles and shared interests.
A neutral advocate will not seek any specific solution outcome.

Neutral Advocate core skills

  • brings a number of key skills around each component of their role


  • The ability to work with parties to resolve challenges


  • The ability to advocate for a resolution within the stated objectives of parties


  • The ability to educate parties on the processes used
  • Use these tools to provide insight into the challenge from a conflict resolution perspective